Multi-Orgasmic Lovers

Multi-Orgasmic Lovers

How can we grow more love in our life? The Ancients have cultivated the intimate arts for centuries. They considered physical health the foundation of a vigorous, enduring and fulfilling love life. Romantic intentions are worth little if your body is tired or ailing or if energetic imbalances prevent the sexual energy from overflowing from your heart into another’s heart. If you are “beat” you often are irritable or emotional. Anger or harsh words can hurt our vulnerable inside and damage trust and responsiveness in lovemaking for a long time.

How can we grow an abundance of vitality? Smiling is one way! Close your eyes for a moment and frown. Notice the sinking, heavy and dimming sensations in your body. Now lift the corners of your lips and feel the uplifting sensation in your body. Lifting the corners of your lips creates a whole body smile that is like turning on a light switch.

The essence of authentic connection starts with love for one self. Love is the energy of the heart, the centre of our feeling. One basic Healing Tao practice is the Inner Smile, which generates self love. We connect with the golden sunny glow of unconditional love and let it flow down the front, middle and back of your body, melting any tension and transforming any negativity. When you smile to someone notice how they smile back and feel relaxed and accepted. This inner gesture opens the heart and brightens the cells of your body. Positive feelings make your DNA relax and lengthen and negative emotions make your DNA contract and wind up tighter (Gregg Braden).To really open to another, our whole being needs to expand in love. “When we are orgasmic our DNA multiplies in the proper way” (Mantak Chia). Imagine the strands of DNA as Yin and Yang lovers!

How can we cultivate love for each other? Actually our essence is love and it is mainly our emotional and thought patterns that get in the way. Taoists believed that negative emotions are toxic to our bodies, health and relationships. Instead of suppressing emotions or dumping them on others we can recycle them into vitality. The Inner Smile is an easy way to do this and bring out the best in each other. “Rather than having quarrels and fiery confrontations, they recommend the path of gentleness and compassion”. Listen to your partner with love, look into their eyes, hold hands and honestly express how you feel. Keep “in touch” by communicating and touching with tenderness, even during troubled times. When the storms hit be present for each other.

When we feel appreciation, compassion and kindness our hearts open. Try to wake up in the morning and place your hand over your heart and the other over your sexual center. Smile and breathe. Connect love in your heart with your creative life force. This will set the tone for the day of loving acceptance. Making love in the morning is energizing and gives us the openness and joy to greet the day and any stress that may occur. It is essential that the man minimizes and eventually withholds from ejaculating or he will lose much of his energy. “Sexual Kung Fu” is learning the art of seminal retention, how to pull up the sexual energy with breathing, mindfulness and muscle control. Women also learn how to expand her experience of a genital orgasm into a whole body orgasm. She will feel full and good for days!

A woman has three gates of orgasms. The clitoral orgasm is the excitement of going on a journey and the way is prepared. The G- spot or Goddess Spot is intensely engaged like the sweaty trip up the mountain. The cervical or deep vaginal orgasm is the bliss and vastness of being on top of the world! Men can have whole body orgasms without ejaculating, instead of exploding through the genitals the vibrations rise through the organs to the heart and head and penetrates through the core channel of the woman into circle back multiplied back into him.

Allow love to flow between you throughout the day, even when you are apart. “Only with this openness of your body and your heart can you truly feel the flow of energy within you and between you and your partner”. The more love that you feel for each other, the more orgasmic you will become. “Learning to make love from your heart is the essence of Healing Love. Without your sincere love for each other, sex is simply friction. Friction is certainly pleasurable, but it is real love that will bind your bodies together in ecstatic lovemaking for a lifetime”. Soul Orgasm is possible when you feel orgasmic energy circulating and waving through the body.

A fundamental circulation of energy is the Microcosmic Orbit, up the spine, over the crown and down the front channel in a continuous loop. This balances warm yang energy and cool yin energy. It becomes a way to receive and give energy and also generate love and light. Once this pathway is open, you and your partner can exchange energy linking your orbits into figure eights, connecting through the couple’s genitals, tongues, foreheads or hearts. The yin energy of the woman flows into the man and the yang energy of the man flows into the woman, creating an harmonious field of united energy. The exchange of energy can be felt even without touching. When a soul orgasm overflows beyond the physical it can feel like a fountain rising out the crown. In bliss, souls can unite above the body. This energetic bonding deepens the potential of long term relationships. You start to cultivate a perennial garden of love, joy, trust and respect.

My partner’s presence and awareness allows me to open my heart and body in trust so we can both surrender to the bliss of union. He takes me on a journey and I respond with “active reception”, being aware with movement, like dancing together. I allow sound to express my pleasure. We feel the energy spiralling through us and around us. We channel the universal orgasmic force through us, for the sake of all beings. Deep peace soaks into our bones as we nest. Our joyful play and touch throughout the day is a continual, seamless foreplay. We meditate together and experience alchemical bliss just sitting still in the same room. When I am travelling I feel his presence cuddling and comforting me and I do not feel alone. I am so grateful to have our warm and loving connection in my life.

Have you ever longed for your soul mate? A soul mate is someone who you feel a mind-heart-spirit connection, which could have been cultivated in past lifetimes. This connection is cultivated by sharing in all three aspects of your being, thinking (views on life), feeling (what you care for) and willing (your life style). Soul Mating is a profoundly intimate experience of union and oneness. It can be felt at a distance. You can experience orgasmic lovemaking on the other side of the world from your partner! Like remote viewing or remote healing, remote soul union is a vivid reality. Have you ever picked up the phone and said, “I was just thinking about you!”

The compassion you cultivate in your relationship can deepen your whole spiritual life. “Sexuality and spirituality are inextricably linked for Taoists”. Body, soul and spirit are one being and work together naturally if we do not separate them and judge them as sinful or taboo. “People who deny sexual energy lose access to this vital source of energy and vitality for their life and spiritual growth.” Sexual energy is sacred. When our raw passionate energy is refined and channelled upwards to higher energy centers or chakras it becomes the power behind love, creativity and communion with the Divine or Universal Love. “According to the Taoists, this love and ecstasy that we feel in our most intimate relationship is simply a taste of the Universal Love and the blissful oneness with the Original Force of the universe that we can experience as we grow spiritually.”

When partners are committed to support the highest in each other we become portals for Source or Unconditional Love to flow through us. A couple might start with a physical attraction of sexual energy (Jing), develop psychic flow between you (Chi) and then raise your consciousness to perceive the most subtle spiritual presence (Shen). Other couples might start with a strong heart connection and become more physically close. “When sexual energy and loving energy are combined the energy becomes stable and nourishing”. When we consciously cultivate the virtues of loving kindness our chi flows well and synchronicity happens easily. Compassion is a high state of consciousness, which ripples out into your relationships and the world around you.

The more we give pleasure, love and compassion, the more we receive. We can heal each other and help each other to expand our consciousness. We urgently need this powerful healing energy to heal this world and generate more love for generations to come. “Multiple Orgasms are part of an unfolding process of becoming one with each other and with the world.” The whole universe is continually pulsating and vibrating. When we orgasm we harmonize with our body’s, our partner’s and the world’s pulsations. Becoming a multi-orgasmic lover is realizing that you are one with the continuous, orgasmic, creative, and mysterious universal process!

by Minka de Vos
Senior Universal Tao Instructor

All quotes are taken from The Multi-Orgasmic Couple by Mantak Chia & Maneewan Chia, Douglas Abrams & Rache Carlton Abrams, M.D.