Heart Qigong Video (2 hours) download

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Heart Qigong Video (2 hours) download


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Heart Qigong DVD

Cultivate a Happy, Healthy Heart

These Qigong Forms are designed to open the Heart of the Tao, the Way of Natural Healing, Connect with the vast, wise Universal Heart.
Balance your inner fire with your inner water. Calm the heart with the water element of the kidneys and warm the kidneys with the love of your heart.
Easy to follow approx. 20 minute sequences of Meditation, Tao Yoga, Qigong, Tree Hugging and Qi Walking practices.
These practices are not a replacement for proper medical care

disc 1 – 57 min.


Mantak Chia discusses the Heart

Gratitude Prayer

Three Fires Meditation

Tao Yoga for Circulation

Balance Fire & Water Chi Kung

Great Heart Breathing

Blood Cleansing Breath

Compassionate Heart Chi Kung

disc 2 – 73 min.

Balance the Heart Qigong:

Rooster greets the Dawn

White Ape offers Fruit

Elephant winds its Trunk

Oriole folds its Wings

Rub Face & Ears

Strike Arms and Legs

Willow Tree sinks Twisted Roots

Steps Acending

Lung & Triple Warmer Sound

Complete Form

Qigong Walk

Tree Hugging

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