Tao Basics CD Download

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Tao Basics CD Download


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Tao Basics CD


Full Body Breathing

Draw energy from Heaven, Earth and Human Plane

Inner Smile: senses, glands, vital organs, digestive system, brain, spine, whole body

Healing Love: Ovarian Breathing, Ovarian Compression, Upward Draw, Divine Union

Circulate Energy in Microcosmic & Macrocosmic Orbit: Arm & Leg Routes

Collect the Pearl

General Guidelines:

  • Use stereo headphones or set speakers apart for stereo effect.
    Make arrangements that you will not be disturbed. Listen to the sounds with your whole body, letting them “massage” you as you relax inside.
  • Posture – Generally it is best with the spine straight, sitting, lying flat or standing. This allows for the natural flow of energy in the channels.
  • Program Tracks – If the meditation is too long, skip the tracks of your choice. End with circulating the energy in the Microcosmic Orbit and collecting it.
  • Full Body Breathing – Breathe consciously and fully throughout the meditation so your experience goes deep into the energy and soul bodies. Breathing is a bridge between body, mind and spirit.
  • Beginner’s Mind – Keep your practice fresh and non-mechanical.
  • Smile – Remind yourself to smile into the body. The Inner Smile switches on the relaxation response and transforms stress into vitality.
  • Rest at the end of a session to absorb the learning and collect the energy. Become aware that you are aware. Rest in the Empty Witness in which everything comes and goes.
  • Please study carefully related books by Mantak Chia.
  • Enjoy cultivating energy in your life!

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