Tao of Female Sexual Energy

Tao of Female Sexual Energy

How can we grow more love in our life? The Ancients have cultivated the intimate arts for centuries. They considered the cultivation of our primal sexual energy the foundation of a vigorous, enduring and fulfilling life. Through the ancient Taoist practices we will tap into or “Fountain of Youth” and raise this rejuvenating energy to heal the body and soul and illuminate the spirit. Sexual energy plays a very important role in our healing process. The more we open to love, the more we feel the energy run through our subtle body.

How can we grow an abundance of vitality? Smiling is one way! The essence of authentic connection starts with love for one self. One basic Healing Tao practice is the Inner Smile, which generates self love. When we feel appreciation, compassion and kindness our hearts open. Try to wake up in the morning and place your hand over your heart and the other over your sexual energy center, the ovarian palace, the lower part of your belly. Smile and breathe. Connect love in your heart with your creative life force. This will set the tone for the day of loving acceptance.

Cultivating a relationship with your feminine essence makes fragrant the river of love between you, your loved ones and life itself. The Healing Tao, brought to the West by Taoist Master Mantak Chia, offers excellent ways to increase our healing power. Take the time to gently nurture yourself on all levels, to bring more joy into your life, and prevent possible pain and suffering arising from negligence. We all probably know someone who has dealt with a life-challenging condition like breast cancer. How can we prevent it? Breast massage is a pleasurable way to improve chi circulation and break up stagnation, which can form into cancer. It liberates suppressed emotions, which can accumulate into “disease”. Regular practice helps early detection of anything unusual in the breast tissues. Avoid wearing under wire bras or remove the wire as it is also known to compress the lymphatic system and can cause cancer. When you remove your bra in the evening massage your breasts to get the circulation going. Enjoy a massage after you bathe. Massage makes the body feel loved, which releases growth and anti-aging hormones.

Sexual energy amplifies our emotional state, so it is very important to transform any excessive “negative” emotions into virtues. The breast massage technique brings out the healing qualities of the organs’ energy. Expand the heart’s love in the breasts with warm outward spiralling motions. Give your thanks to your breasts for all they give to you, your possible children and lovers. The Divine Sophia was pictured as a woman with infinitely large breasts and all humankind suckled wisdom from her breasts. Embody the qualities of a Goddess of Compassion to raise the frequency of Mother Earth.

Ovarian Breathing builds sexual vitality, increases fertility and stokes digestive fire. By holding the breath in the ovaries we increase the chi pressure, which burns up the “Heavy Water” of sluggish stagnation in the lower body. If we do not make friends with our creative power, we can become “allergic” to our own sexual energy, which can react in self-destructive ways. The womb is a space where women tend to store “negativity”, which can be breathed out like cloudy grey smoke and replaced with golden light of unconditional love.

Sexual energy is channelled, circulated and refined in the “Microcosmic Orbit”, which runs up the spine to the brain and down the front of the body or reverse. Circulating creative energy in this and other energy channels is a powerful way to cultivate the psychic centres, awakening the power of spiritual perception and creating a sense of wholeness. The compassion you cultivate in your relationship with your self and your lover can deepen your whole spiritual life.

This “Warm Current Meditation” balances cool yin and warm yang energy. Circulating energy in this orbit is excellent for curbing hot flashes, insomnia and other menopausal experiences. The Healing Sounds can also be used to release excess heat, coldness and other imbalanced chi. The Heart Sound “HAAA” calms the “False Fire” in the heart, associated with over-doing and over-giving, which are both real dangers for women. As we let go, we can perceive our true feelings and needs more clearly.

Beauty energizes us. Appreciate your unique beauty, and it will glow and grow from within. Coming to emotional, mental and spiritual peace with ourselves is the key for preventing illness and enhancing health. This natural self-confidence will reverberate into more harmonious relationships. Ultimately, developing greater compassion and inner beauty is our best protection and a gift to the universe. What we radiate comes back to us.

Body, soul and spirit are one being and work together naturally if we do not separate them and judge them as sinful or taboo. Sexual energy is sacred. When our raw passionate energy is refined and channelled upwards to higher energy centers or chakras it becomes the power behind love, creativity and communion with the Divine or Universal Love.

We can support and encourage each other to be creative and healthy. “Feminine Treasures” workshops are powerful explorations of our essential energy and can free up creative expression. Learning from an experienced teacher with a supportive “group cauldron” can brew up some bliss and bring lightness into your step! Reviving your sensual sensitivity will give you the juice to transform your life and support your healing journey into radiant wellness.

Minke de Vos, Senior Universal Tao Instructor, teaches spiritual embodiment at Silent Ground Retreats, and is known as a top teacher of Qigong, Tao Yoga and Kundalini Management. She has worked along side of Taoist Master Mantak Chia for over 25 years and teaches internationally. She inspires practitioners of all levels to live with loving presence. Author of “Feminine Treasures” and “Heart Qigong” www.silentground.com