Tao Tantric Arts

Sunday March 24 – Friday April 19, 2013
Sunday Oct. 6 – Friday Nov. 1, 2013

The Sanctuary Koh Phangan

with Universal Tao Instructors
Minka de Vos & Shashi Solluna

Cultivate Sexual Energy to Grow Love and Vitality!

Treasures for women at all stages of life.
Some of the gems you will learn:

• Breast Self-Massage
• Jade Egg Exercises
• Sensual Qigong • Inner Smile Meditation
• Energy Circulation
• Healing Sounds

Sacred Feminine Treasures for Women on the Path

This training will be a journey for women, introducing many of the Taoist Sexual Arts, along with dance, music and creativity.

The first week focuses on cleansing and healing…we look into conditioning and beliefs and what effect they have on our behaviour and sexuality. We will learn tools for clearing those that no longer serve us.

Week 2 is about cultivating sexual energy. Learning about what this means and how to do it! Techniques from the mulitorgasmic practices…and discovering how orgasmic energy is not just about pleasure, but about creating vitality and a smooth flow of life-force energy, as well as creating space for divine experiences.

The third week is about sharing our gifts. Sexual energy is very creative! So we will look at how our own practice is linked to what we put out in the world. Minke and Shashi intend to empower each woman to share her unique gifts. So we will help each woman find her way of sharing these gifts: directly (as in teaching or giving sessions) or indirectly (channeling the sexual energy into an unrelated business or creative output). So this week is about manifestation.

In the 4th week we will join with the men’s group in practice sessions and sacred rituals. The space will be held safe and sacred with clothes on.
Together we will practice the Taoist meditative path of Inner Alchemy, which will transform the sexual energy into refined essence. This “steamy chi” will make our bodies more transparent instruments for spirit to move through us. You will unite your Inner Male and Inner Female in your core channel to “give birth” to your Inner Sage.


This is a Teacher Training and so has a very intensive schedule.
Weekly we run from Sundays at 4pm until Friday midday. This gives time for participants to go to other parts of the island if they wish for their days off. We will give plenty of suggestions!

We start at 7.30 am with Qigong in the coconut grove. We will use the energies of the luush nature in this practice.
Breakfast 9 am
Morning Class 10 am -1 pm
Afternoon Class 4 – 7 pm
Evening class, some evenings only 9pm -10pm

Attendees are expected to join all classes.
Arrive by March 23 to get settled. Please don’t leave before the 21st! You may want to stay on in your own accommodation and enjoy living in the bay!

Pre-requisites and Certification

All women are invited to join, if they feel a calling to this retreat.

Different levels of certification will be offered, according to previous experience, previous trainings (if any) and personal skills This training is not designed to put women through a conveyor belt creating standard teachers, but to empower each woman as she is ready to share her gifts in the world. Every woman attending the training will receive a certificate either Tao Tantra Practitioner or Tao Tantra Facilitator. If they have all the prerequisties and have had a personal pracitce for one year they will be certified as a Women’s Healing Love Instructor, which is certified under Universal Healing Tao (Mantak Chia) and will be universally recognised. Women may add other UHT trainings to this one to expand what they offer (such as Tai Chi, Chi Nei Tsang etc)..

Preparation: Please read the “Multi-Orgasmic Woman” by Mantak Cia and Rachel Abrams

Week 1: Opening & Healing

Open pathways for gentle awakening of your creative essence.
Articulate the subtle motion of “Yoni Yoga”
Heal emotional and sexual issues in a safe and compassionate space.
Play with Sensual Movement to express the full spectrum of the Feminine

Week 2: Channeling & Empowering

Channel your fundamental power into balanced, loving and passionate expression.
Empower yourself with dynamic “Internal Pilates” and “Genital Weightlifting”
Grow virtues like kindness, courage and confidence.
Develop Psychic pathways and centers.

Week 3: Creating & Manifesting

Expressing your creative flow Channelling energy into projects and creations
Integrating the gems into your daily life and the lives of others
Community events
Manifesting and shaping our evolution
Spreading our inner work to others and the world around us

Week 4: Conscious Relationship & Spirtiual Alchemy

Exploring ways to harmoniously exchange energy
Understanding sexual polarity and gender differences
Go beyond ancestral patterns of relating
Develop ways of mindful, honouring communication
Marry your Inner Male and Inner Female in your core channel to give birth to your Inner Sage

New Training in the Fall
Sunday March 24 – Friday April 19, 2013 is full!
If you are at all interested, please fill in the inquiry form now so that we have you in our records and then we can let you know when the last places are available!

We have now scheduled second training in Autumn: October 6th- November 1st 2013. We hope this will enable everyone to join the training! Please let us know if these dates work out better for you.

Investment & Accommodation

$2,400 USD incl. tuition and dorm bed
extra costs for a private room are (per night):
$22 USD for private room (single occupancy)
$27 USD for private room (double occupancy)
and there is one room with two double beds for $32 USD per night.

The price is inclusive of a dorm bed (non-refundable if you do not choose to take the bed). You may however upgrade to one of the private rooms in the dorm building for a supplemental fee. This is on a first-come-first-serve basis as there are a limited number of rooms. The dorm however is spacious and only for the group. We operate a policy of silence following the evening session, until the morning qigong. Good sleep is essential!
All fees must be paid in full by March 11th, two weeks before the start of the training.

Early bird special deals:
$2,000 book by Dec 31th, 2012 or by June 30, 2013,
$500 deposit is needed to receive the $400 discount. This is non-refundable. It can be paid via BACS transfer upon application.

Meals: 150-250 baht, which is around $5 CAD, 3-5 UK pounds.
a smoothie is about $3 CAD, 2 pounds.
Water is filtered and free!
We have veggie, raw, vegan, detox menu and also some local fish.

Registration with taospiralcom: Rashmi will answer your inquiries



Have you read “Healing Love through the Tao”, Cultivating Female Sexual Energy or the “Multi-Orgasmic Couple”? These are like reading a cookbook but eating the juicy meal is another dimension! Through the ancient Taoist practices we will tap into or “Fountain of Youth” and raise this rejuvenating energy to heal the body and soul and illuminate the spirit.

Sexual energy plays a very important role in our healing process. The more we open to love, the more we feel the energy run through our subtle body. If we do not use our sexual energy well it can turn on you, creating frustration and health problems. If we become aware of our sexual essence we can transform it into creativity.

Many leave their jade egg in the drawer, now you can get it out for an empowering workout!
Get feedback on your “internal strength”.
Breast Massage, Ovarian Breathing and Jade Egg exercises, are fun to practice.
Chi Self Massage is your best cosmetic!
Channel the generated power to grow the virtues.
Build a reserve of energy in your bones to sustain what you want to do.

These practices have an excellent track record for helping with difficulties around menstruation, hot flashes, incontinence and cancer prevention.
Balance your hormones and build pelvic floor strength.
Pulling up energy inside counter-acts the “Sag and Spread” syndrome!
Women before and after menopause benefit. Stay really healthy as you get older.
Reviving your sensual sensitivity sends ripples out into your relationships…..
Learning from an experienced teacher with a supportive “group cauldron” we can brew up some bliss and bring lightness into your step!

Minka de Vos Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor
draws from her extensive background in energy arts and her own soul journey. She has dedicated over 25 years to spiritual embodiment,
teaching and healing work. She co-founded Silent Ground Retreats, for long–term, life-transforming programs. Her profound Kundalini Awakening opened doors for universal wisdom to move through her. She has worked and co-taught with Taoist Master Mantak Chia for over 25 years and is part of the core faculty of the Universal Healing Tao System. She also co-teaches Healing Love with Michael Winn of the Healing Tao University each summer. She is a certified as a Medical Qigong Master Therapist  by the
International Institute of Medical Qigong and has organized the training for 4 years in Vancouver, BC. She teaches and gives private sessions internationally.
She is a dancer and creator of ‘EnChant Dance”, based on Eurythmy, the etheric movement of sound. Minka creatively integrates intention, awareness, visualization, breath, healing sounds, chanting, self-massage and movement into the practices of Inner Alchemy Meditation, Taoist Sexual Energy Cultivation, Tao Yoga and Qigong. She inspires people to live with passion, love and compassion, honouring their body, chi and relationships and the world around them. Come and benefit from her vast resources of healing and self- transformation methods. She is the author of “Feminine Treasures” Playbook, “Heart Qigong” and other DVDs and CDs

Shashi Solluna
Shashi is a Universal Healing Tao Instructor (teaching for Master Mantak Chia) and Osho Sanyassin. She teaches workshops in many areas of Taoism, including Qigong, Breathwork, Nutrition, Healing and Sexual Practices. Her work in Sacred Femininity and The Tao of Intimacy is the result of her own blend of Tao Sexual Practices, Tantra and Osho Meditations.
Shashi was formely resident at Tao Garden, Mantak Chia’s resort. Now she is running a retreat centre in South Thailand on the island of Koh Phangan in The Sanctuary Resort. www.taospiral.com